Secure online database
iNDiMNiTi provides you a secure online vault to store important information and documents your family will need when life events occur like floods, fires, illness or death - to name a few.
Easy to use and navigate
Easily navigate to collections of information within the application. Point and click.
Information & Documents
Secure online storage of important information for your family or business. Never lose another document due to fire, flood, deployment, off to college or even death.
The key to iNDiMNiTi is the creation of a network of emergency contacts that will aid you in times of need with all the information they need in one place.
iNDiMNiTi was created to be easily used on any device from a PC to tablet, iPad or mobile phone.
Families, Individuals, college students, military personnel, senior citizens, businesses. Everyone!
special features
How iNDiMNiTi can Help You Be Prepared
Family Planning
Store important information, instructions, document and contacts your family needs to know in case you are not able to manage the family "stuff"
Aging Parents
Help your aging parents get their affairs in order by storing important information and legal documents that will aid the family when they have "moved onto the next chapter"
Military Deployment
iNDiMNiTi prepares military families a platform to store critical information and documents while military personnel are deployed
Emergency Network
Unique to iNDiMNiTi, we help you set up an emergency network to aid you or your family in times of disasters, critical emergencies or other life events
it’s not a matter of “if” but “when”
Natural disasters averaged per year around the world
Percentage of people without planning documents
Number of data points iNDiMNiTi can store for you
Percentage of people aware of their next life event
Life’s emergency planning app
Perfect App to Synchronize Your Life
With Your Emergency Network. Be ready.
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 Frequently Asked Questions
Some initial questions you may have

The basis behind preparing within iNDiMNiTi is to set up a group of individuals that can help you if you need them. In cases where a natural disaster occurs and you have lost you home or are displaced, iNDiMNiTi works by allowing you to have access to important information or documents during these events. In an event of a medical emergency or death, the system allows your spouse/significant other/partner/family to have access to information they will need when you can’t help.

iNDiMNiTi takes data storage and security very serious. We use all the current security methods to secure your information. As well, we will never ask you to store passwords within our service. We want you to store critical instructions and/or documents that you or your family will need in certain life events.

iNDiMNiTi provides hundreds of data fields covering most areas of your life. We also offer the ability to upload and securely store documents. 

iNDiMNiTi will never sell your personal information to anyone. Your information is only available to your personal emergency network.